Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

Therapist Assistant Jobs Guide

The current job market is flooded with people seeking physical therapist assistant jobs. Fitness centers, gyms, doctors, and wellness clinics are now employing physical therapists to assist their clients with primary health care issues. A typical day revolves around accident victims and those who have been disabled due to a specific fatal incident. Patients suffering from chronic back pain, heart diseases, head injuries, as well as fractures, are the ones that need help from physical therapists. Some therapists also work with disabled children and adults. A therapist will help regain strength in muscles and joints that have been immobile for long durations. The assistant works under the therapist and is responsible for the progress of all the patients that are under the therapist’s care. Look at JobCompass website for more information.

To secure a position in the various openings for this type of job, one must have formal certification or degree. A master or a doctoral degree that the assistant needs to secure a job revolves around biology, physiology, chemistry, and physics. There are several specialized courses that one can choose from that enhance the applicant’s profile. Those acquiring a Master’s degree will invest 2 to 2.5 years to get their degree while doctorate programs take three years.

All those who are serious about taking up careers as physical therapist assistants must also clear the national and state-level licenses to get their permits to practice.

The number of physical therapist assistant jobs is increasing by the day as the awareness of health care and wellness is growing. Hospitals and privatized practitioners have specially equipped rooms to help patients with disabilities.

Most physical therapists work 40 hours a week; however, some may need to work in the morning, late evenings, or even over the weekends to meet the client’s needs. Statistics have proved that 27% of physical therapists work only part-time while their full-time therapists work more than one job. Therapists also work under a doctor in a clinic and freelance in their spare time. Schools and rehab centers also employ physical therapists. This is another arena that therapists can seek employment.

The average annual earnings for physical therapists is $72,000. On the higher end, a therapist can earn over $100,000 and $50,000 on the lower end.

Some of the leading job descriptions of a physical therapist’s day include exercising with patients, massages, paraffin baths, traction, ultrasound therapy, and electrical stimulation. The assistant helps the patients to prepare for their healing. They assist the patients in the right rooms and also help the therapist by cleaning the room and making for the treatment that needs to be administered.

As an assistant, you will learn the different methods of healing and working with patients. If you are new to the health care industry, then operating under a therapist will help you gain experience. Look at this period as your internship. Go the extra mile to carry out jobs beyond your job description as it will help you to gain experience and will improve your personal and professional profile.