Article 5: Commercial HVAC System – Three Energy Conservation Tips

Tired of paying heavily in terms of either or both simultaneously i.e., HVAC repair or electricity bills for your commercial building? Responding in affirmative, have you ever investigated causes  or thought of solutions to get yourself out of this overburdening situation? Saying no, you must realize that instead of taking undue pressure, you need to take a few steps towards solution. And, here you go with three (03) energy conservation tips for your HVAC system that will help reducing heavy HVAC repair costs, too.

01 Energy Audit – Run it Right Now

As time affects your health, stamina and energy levels, same goes for anything else. Talking in the particular context of your commercial space and it’s existing HVAC system, know that it needs to be reassessed for energy consumption. Complete your answer sheet for questions like:

  • When your building’s HVAC system was installed?
  • How aging is affecting the system’s performance?
  • Are you spending over and above in terms of HVAC repair and energy bills in comparison to what a new system may cost?
  • Has the existing system posed or may pose any health threats to space users?

And a few more likewise questions will help you get your energy audit done for better decision making whether to persue a new HVAC system or keep spending on HVAC repair.

02 Periodic Preventive Maintenance

‘Prevention is better than cure’, and same rule must be applied over here if you want to conserve your energy and costs thereof. With periodic preventive maintenance programs, you can detect any issue about to surface. Besides, you can timely engage your HAVC contractor to proactively deal with the issue.

03 Commercial Thermostats – Let Technology Prevail

Gone are the days of manually tackling everything. With technology spearheading every field, let it jump in to help you conserve energy of your HAVC system. Why not to switch to commercial thermostats well connected with your smartphones via an app? All you would need is to get the app installed allowing you to control temperatures on physical thermostats in a matter of few clicks.

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