Wearing High Heels- Damaging Effects Of It

Everyone wants to be trendy to compete with others. But effects health, just for competing is not good. Women are very much fond of wearing high heels shoes, but they actually don’t know what they can cause to their health. Shoes are the perfect accessory and there are lots of varieties that it becomes very difficult to have just one pair of shoes. Women and men are more attracted towards it but today’s kids are also much conscious about the shoes that they wear.

Women are more found to have back problem as compared to men, if you are a high heeled shoe lover then these health issues will surround you. So you must be prepared with the medicines that can be available on any online store. Canadian Pharmacy store is preferred for such preparation.

Wearing trendy and fashionable shoes is good but comfort should be not ignored. Having sexist shoes make the eyes open at an event or party but have you ever thought that carrying that high heeled shoes is much difficult. Many of the diseases are related to wearing high heeled shoes like back pain, pain in knees, weak joints etc.

Many of the symptoms do not appear at earlier but slowly it appears in the form of serious issue.


When one wears high heeled shoes then the foot points downwards and this causes the pressure on the front foot. So it’s the very wrong posture that one walks with while wearing high heeled shoes. Flat footwear, on the other hand, balances your posture and keeps your body balanced. This leads to pressure on the back and there are chances of back pain like issues.


It is very difficult to push the ground when you wear high heeled shoes. A woman seems to have an uncomfortable walk with high heeled footwear and it seems she is limping.


Your balance while walking depends on how you put your steps forward. Wearing that kind of shoes where you stand easily and straight. When you go for the high heels then it becomes very difficult to balance your body. High heeled shoes cause your feet and ankle to turn on outside to balance the body and this posture of leg and feet is very wrong to carry on for a long time.


The back problem is the common problem that comes while wearing such kind of shoes. Body stays in the forward position while wearing high heeled footwear that causes pressure in the back and ultimately to the back pain.


Wearing high heeled cause muscles of hips to work harder and if done continuously then it can lead to contracture in muscles.

Knees and ankles

Osteoarthritis is the common problem seen in those wearing high heeled shoes. Knees remain in the bend position and feet on the forward position. That is totally wrong posture for maintain the body weight and to balance it properly. Make comfort your first preference, not the fashion.

By WebEditor
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