5 reasons that will compel you to use FCL containers for your next shipment

In the global shipping industry terminology, FCL stands for Full Container Load. It is an ocean shipment where a full container is occupied by a cargo of a single consignee. If an exporter has enough goods to accommodate the full capacity of a container, FCL container should be the preferred option for shipping. The goods are loaded and unloaded in an FCL container under the sole responsibility and risk of the assigned shipper and one consignee. An FCL container offers a lot of advantages to both the parties involved in the shipment process, that is, the shipper and the consignee. If you too are looking for a suitable option for shipping your cargo, you should also choose an FCL container for the benefits it offers.

5 key reasons that make FCL containers a preferable option for shipment:

  • More Utilisation: An FCL container allows more utilisation of both space and money. An exporter gets a full container for himself and can effectively utilise the space of the same. It also ensures better utilisation of money as you pay for a whole container and can use the whole space of it. It is important to understand that FCL containers offer a flexible mode of shipment where a consignee has control over the FCL cargo.
  • Cost-Effective: An FCL container offers a cost-effective shipment where a consignee/exporter gets the total worth of money. The cost per unit per freight is much more in the case of LCL as compared to FCL. Also, import charges are the same no matter what the size of shipment is. This makes FCL freight less expensive as compared to LCL.
  • Time-Saving: Ocean shipments which are done using an FCL container are much more time saving than LCL containers. LCL containers carry cargos and goods of different consignees which are to be delivered at different places. Whether your cargo will be delivered first or not totally depends upon the shipper’s route plan, thus making it a time-consuming process. An FCL container is owned by only one consignee and therefore, the cargo is delivered straight to the desired destination without making any stop. Hence, it is a time-saving shipment.
  • Economical Option: An FCL container is an economical option as it delivers your cargo through a faster mode of shipment. FCL containers are delivered at its final port where it is unloaded and delivered to a predefined destination. In the global shipping industry, time plays an important factor as delayed deliveries of the consignments may cause losses to both parties involved.
  • A safer option: An FCL container offers a privatized type of shipment process as the cargo is loaded and unloaded under the complete account and observation of the shipper and the consignee. These two parties are the sole risk bearers as the whole container is assigned to them. In LCL containers, as there are different cargos that are delivered at different places, there is a possible chance of rough handling because the containers are loaded and unloaded at every shipping destination. There might also be chances of any harmful goods ending up in the container like any fluid or stingy goods which can cause damage to your cargo. There is no possibility of any such incidents in case of an FCL container.

FCL containers can be easily tracked online and you can manage your time and shipment orders accordingly. It provides a better shipping experience at reasonable freight charges. It also allows the consignee to carry out the shipment procedure without being restless and tensed about the safety of the cargo. The stakeholders can thereby focus on other important works that will help them improve productivity.

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