How to keep your floor clean all day?

Did you also know that certain kinds of viruses and bacteria can divide once in 20 minutes? In just few days, your entire household can be home to a colony microbes that could cause health issues.

As you may already know, your computer mouse, toilet chair, and all floors are some of the most obtrusive items in a home. How do you clean the floor after dealing with the toilet seat and the peripherals on your pc?

This is what you will learn in this article. Although it is hard to keep your floor clean, these tips and techniques will make it much easier.

You can start by adding carpets and mats to your floor

Why try to solve a problem if you can avoid it? You might like the idea of adding a rug or a mat to your floor. A carpet or waterhog mats can absorb most of your family’s dirt, dust, and impurities.

This means that your floors don’t get clogged up with debris and you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning them. It’s easier and cheaper to wash a carpet, a rug or a doormat than to clean the whole house.

Now is the best time to get a front-entrance door mat. There are hundreds available in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. To prevent bacteria and dust from spreading, add carpets to the home.

Daily sweep floors

The simplest way to keep your floors clean is to sweep them on a regular basis. Most homeowners sweep their floors with a basic broom. Sweeping your floors will remove any dust particles, dirt or lint which could be inhaled.

You might find it overwhelming to use the broom every single day. But, it shouldn’t be a chore. Pick when you’re able to do it, and how. Are you able to disconnect from the computer at times? Start by getting up, putting on headphones, and then sweeping one room.

Mop your floors with cotton mop

Because it eliminates the most bacteria and dust, mopping floors is another important task. Mopping floors should also be done on an everyday basis, much like sweeping. Use lukewarm and ph-neutral water.

Different floors may require different cleaning products. So that you don’t use too acidic cleaners on sensitive floors, make sure you read the labels.

Declutter your spaces to make cleaning your floors easier

Many homeowners are more worried about clutter than dust. Both of these can make your life miserable, so you should get rid each one at a while. Be sure to remove as much clutter and debris as you can before cleaning the floors.

To put chairs on tables, move the kids’ toys to one side. So you don’t get interrupted while cleaning, it might be worth asking your family to take the dog. Take out any trash or debris that might be left on the floor.

Use a vacuum to clean really dirty floors

Vacuum cleaners can sometimes do a better cleaning job than vacuuming. These vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and are available with various hose attachments. Some of these attachments can also be lightweight.

If your floors are extremely dirty, a vacuum cleaner may be more effective than a mop. You should begin by vacuuming carpets. After that, you can move onto hardwood or laminate floors. Use different attachments for reaching difficult-to-reach corners.

By Richard E. Morton
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