List of Some Popular Choices of Chandeliers

Most people like to keep chandeliers at the top of the list when thinking about their dream home. When you think about chandeliers, the most frequent picture that comes to mind is of a gorgeous and heavy piece of hanging light fixture. Well, it is not unusual to think like this. However, if you search online you would understand that nowadays, there are more options than you can imagine.

What you must be most concerned about is what to choose. For that, you must have knowledge of the different types of chandeliers that are available. The task of buying the chandelier becomes much easier if you understand what would suit your space the best.

If you are too much confused about the product just go to Sofary online and order a customized chandelier from the professional manufacturers. A crystal chandelier is always a hit no matter what style you choose. The characteristic that marks Sofary apart from other companies in US is the price and quality of the product. They directly bring their products from the manufacturer to you, so that the quality is not compromised for low price.

Now, let us see what the popular options that you can consider for your house are.

Traditional Chandelier

It is simply a taste from the past. The beautiful wrought iron chandelier completes the antique feel of your room especially those with a wooden touch. It is not as showy as the crystal ones, but has its own character.

Modern Chandelier

It is quite different from the traditional chandeliers. The style and design of this fixture is the focus rather than the functionality. The production materials used are also quite different.

Farmhouse Chandelier

This kind of chandelier gives off a rustic charm and simplicity of country life. Though today’s farmhouse style of lighting deviates a little from the original version, it still carries the touch of nature and earthy allure.

Glass Chandelier

Glass chandeliers can come in various price range and quality. Cut glass chandeliers can be a cheaper alternative to expensive crystals. However, at the same time hand blown glass chandeliers (Murano chandelier) are very famous and quite expensive.

Alabaster Chandelier

Alabaster chandeliers are made from finely grained form of gypsum and this soft rock is mostly used for carving. It gives off a beautiful soft glow when lit up. It is not at all gaudy, but is sophisticated elegance.

Antler Chandelier

This ‘wildlife’ chandelier is most suited for rustic looks of country properties. The concept of antlers as the base material of chandelier is quite novel. Antlers are shed periodically, so there is no harm to the life of the animal. These animals are deer, moose, elk, reindeer and caribou.

No matter what type of chandelier you choose for your house, make sure you get a good quality product. For getting the right size, refer to the measurement guidelines or take help from a professional. You can give your space a complete makeover with the presence of just a showstopper chandelier.

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