Things To Consider When Starting Up Your Own Moving Company 

Starting up a business can be a daunting task, but many people prefer to enjoy the independence that comes with running your own company. Although you have to take on some responsibilities, there are numerous benefits of being an entrepreneur. If you want to have your own moving company, you can start small and expand it as you attract more clients. Whether people are moving into a new home or businesses into a new office space, there will always be a need for moving services.

So, if you think of running an actual moving company, here are a few things to consider to get started.

  1. Costs involved

Again, starting a moving company isn’t really expensive. You can always begin small by purchasing a van or truck. In addition to transportation, you’ll just require a few necessary items to launch your moving business. These items may include moving boxes, furniture belts, rope, dollies, moving pads, and packing and wrapping materials. With these things, it’s clear to say that start-up costs for a moving company are low. With an approximate budget of $1000 – $2000, you can offer a variety of moving services to your clients.

  1. Skills and experiences needed

Before launching your own moving business, be sure you have the right skills and experiences needed to help you build a successful company. Typically, the essential skills are personnel management and delegation of tasks. Most of your time, you’ll have to interact with the customers and your moving personnel. This is why having good interpersonal skills is essential. Moreover, if you understand your target market, you can be able to build a reliable marketing and sales strategy. Not only that but movers should also have a right amount of strength to deal with large objects and furniture. To do that, you should obtain proper training so you and your team can get things done properly.

  1. Location

When building your own moving company, you need to find a business location where you can manage orders and comply with local rules for parking commercial vehicles. If you plan to offer storage services for your customers’ belongings, you need to consider the safety and security of the location you’ll choose. In addition to security, you should also think about mobility and traffic low in the area. After all, it’s easy to navigate your moving truck or van if you have easy access to roadways and you have no trouble in parking. You should also be aware of the possible local regulations that may prevent you from parking in specific areas.

  1. Moving services

You need to select the moving services you want to specialize in. Decide whether you want to focus more on local moves or you want to venture in interstate moves. If you’re planning to offer services for an interstate relocation, then you should register and obtain appropriate licensing from the proper government authorities such as the US Department of Transportation. Remember, you can’t provide these moving services if you’re not properly registered and licensed to do so. Thus, check with your city or town’s clerk office and inquire about the state and local business licensing requirements you have to comply to make sure you’ll not end up paying hefty fines for non-compliance.

  1. Business accounting

Starting up a moving company means setting up your business accounting. You have to record your various expenses and sources of income so you can understand the financial performance of your business. Be sure to keep accurate and detailed accounts to simplify your annual tax filing. Moreover, don’t forget to open a business bank account so you can keep your finances organized. Also, having a dedicated checking account can make your company look professional to your customers.

  1. Business insurance

Like other types of businesses, insurance is a must for all entrepreneurs, especially if you’ll manage a moving company. When hiring employees, getting workers compensation insurance may be required in your state. This is to make sure all your workers are insured in case of accidents. Additionally, you also need to prepare the insurance coverage you have to offer to your customers for their belongings. Clients will more likely trust professionals like Movers NYC that can protect their possessions throughout the transit. So, you better get ready with your insurance policies before running a moving business.

  1. Web presence

With more and more people using the Internet to get information, it’s a must for any startup company to establish a web presence. If you have a business website, you allow your customers and prospects to get to know your company more and the services you want to offer. Also, you can utilize social media platforms to attract more customers and earn more profit in the long run.


Clearly, there are a few businesses that will always be sought after and a moving company is one of them. Whether it’s a few blocks away or across the country like NYC, customers will use moving companies NYC for packing and transporting their possessions every day. Use the information in this article as your guide if you consider building your own moving business soon.

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